Flynns backstory pg 2: Continued

The men stepped in with Dr. Roscoe, and he shut the door behind him. One of the men reach in a bin full of what seemed to be medical supplies. He then revealed what was a large needle. "Stay still..." the man said. Just as he was about to stick the needle in my arm I jumped, and the needle stabbed his foot. He yelped in pain. "Oh dear...!" Dr. Roscoe exclaimed in surprise. He ran over the man trying to help him pull the needle out from his foot. while they were busy with that, I pushed the door open and ran down the hospital hall yelling. I knocked over desks and chairs, and even hit my head a few times. One of the other men had been chasing after me and when he finally caught up he pointed a gun at me. "Don't move or i'll shoot!!" I could see his shaky hands fumble to get a proper grip on it. I picked up quickly, and tightly in my hand. Starting to squeeze, bullets flew around the hall as he struggled for air. I continued to squeeze him until his eyes were popping out of their sockets. Dr. Roscoe watched from down the hall, staring in utter and complete horror. As I had killed this man right in front him.

Dr. Roscoe's jaw was pried open in fear. he slowly backed down the hall stumbling a bit. He screamed and ran yelling for help. I stayed still, admiring what I had done. It may have been wrong, but it felt right. I grinned wide, staring at the mans corpse. I picked up his body again, and raised it to my mouth. I questioned myself. Was I really about to do this? I slowly opened my mouth and bit down on his head, severing his from his body. I consumed the rest of the corpse and smiled again. I felt a pain in my back and my body started to go numb. I fell to the floor, immobile. I watched around me as a team of doctors and scientists dragged me into a large padded room, restraining me to the wall with chains.

Hours later, I finally began to feel the sensation in my body again, sighing in relief. The door opened quickly, it was Dr. Roscoe. He set a plate of food down and ran back outside the room, slamming the door shut, and locking it. I don't know how he expected me to reach the food. After about a half an hour had passed, the door creaked open. It was nobody i had ever seen before. They had beautiful, long orange hair and glasses. "Hello !" They said, waving. "I was sent here by the doctor to check in on you...hungry?" they picked up the plate of food left on the floor by Dr. Roscoe.

I nodded in response, and they picked up a piece of meat with fork. "Here" they said, placing it over my mouth. I quickly scarfed it down. "You're pretty hungry huh?" they said, waving another piece of meat over my mouth.

I nodded vigorously, and they laughed. “You’re funny, I think we’ll get along in no time.” They smiled softly and finished giving me what was left on the plate. “Do you have a name?” They asked, sitting down in front of me. “Flynn” I responded. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Flynn. You can call me 701.” 701 hm, I had never heard a name like that before. “I should be the one taking care of you for a while Flynn” 701 grinned. “Hopefully we can get to know each other better.” 701 stood up and brushed off his lab coat. “I have to get going now, but I’ll be back later” 701 waved and slowly closed the door behind them. For the next few days 701 would visit me and talk. Sometimes they’d give me checkups and others they’d just simply keep me company.

It was very relaxing to have 701 around, I didn’t feel alone with 701 there for me. 701 was very kindhearted and not to mention frankly, attractive. Today 701 visited me, same as always but they seemed to be a bit anxious. “Are you alright” I asked, but 701 took a moment to respond. They whispered. “Flynn, I something I want to do for you but it’d be very risky…” “What is it” I stared down at 701 in confusion, as they began to smile. “I want to let you out.” “I hate to see you chained up there.” My eyes began to light up with joy. “Really? You can do that for me?” A smile stretched across 701s face. “Sure I can…I’ll just have to do it quietly.”

(To be continued...)

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