Flynn's backstory

I was too young to remember just exactly…how it happened. From as early as I could remember, I lived in a hospital. A “special” hospital, my caretaker Dr. Roscoe called it. Where were my parents? Siblings? Aunts? Uncles? That question I never really did find the answer to till later in my life…


Today I turned 10, that means I would be tested. That’s what Dr. Roscoe said. What kind of testing? Would it be easy? I had plenty of questions, all of which I was too shy to ask. I sat in the corner of my room anxiously. There was a gentle knock on the door, and it creaked open. I saw Dr. Roscoe enter my room. He bent down and looked at me, with a soft smile he said “Are you ready for some testing today?” He reached out his hand, gesturing for me to take it. “I’m not sure…” I replied meekly, backing into the wall a little more. “Don’t worry Flynn, this will be simple if you cooperate.” Dr. Roscoe softly smiled. “Come now” He reached his hand out to me again, and I hesitantly took it.

“There we go, good good.” I stood up and held onto his hand as he led me out the door into the hospital hallway. Dr. Roscoe led me to a strange room, the whole room was a blank white. “Go ahead in there, I’ll be right back, okay?” He was about to walk down the hall, but I pulled on his leg. “Please don’t leave me here alone” I pled. “I’ll be right back I’m sorry Flynn. I promise. Wait in there for me? Alright?” He guided me towards the room and began to shut the door “Wait right there.” The door shut abruptly, and I was left looking around the white room. I sat there, for what seemed to be hours. Growing more and more anxious. I started thinking, had something awful happened to Dr. Roscoe? It was all too much. I had to get out of the white room. I started to bang on the door loudly, yelling. “LET ME OUT! PLEASE!” Tears rolled down my cheeks and onto the floor as I waited for anything to happen. I layed down on the floor, wiping my tears.

My eyes panned up to the door as I heard it unlocking. I stood up quickly, and started to back away from the door, but was relieved when Dr. Roscoe entered holding a clipboard. I ran up to him and hugged him tight. “I thought something bad happened…” I cried, sniffling. Dr. Roscoe gently patted my head. “That was the test Flynn. You did very well.” Dr. Roscoe flashed the typical soft smile again. I paused hearing this. “That was the test…?” my relief quickly switching to anger. “Yes. I gave you a good report” Dr. Roscoe grinned, showing me the clipboard, dressed in details of my reactions to the test. “Why didn’t you tell me!?” Dr. Roscoe backed away from me a bit. “ I’m sorry Flynn I was told not to tell you when the test would be begin or what your reaction would be…I know it sounds cruel, but this is important data…” Dr. Roscoe smiled nervously. “Please don’t be upset with me, I was given specific orders to do it. I didn’t want to…truly.” Dr. Roscoe stared at me, bearing a remorseful expression. “I really am sorry Flynn. The next time we test I’ll try to make it different, I promise.” He patted me on the back lightly. “Lets go back to your room…ok?” Dr. Roscoe gently Grabbed my hand and started down the hall but I wouldn’t move.

“Dr. Roscoe?” I asked holding onto his hand tightly. “Where is my family…? Why am I here? I don’t really understand. You said it was special-“ Dr. Roscoe cut me off. He turned around and bent down so we were face to face. “Do you want me to tell you the truth?” I took a moment to think, then I nodded. “Well, I wasn’t there myself when it happened, but I was told you were found abandoned in the woods. The scientists, and doctors like myself, took you into this hospital to make sure you were alright…That's why we uh…perform these tests!” Dr. Roscoe flashed a wide smile. “Do you understand?” I could see him sweating a bit. “Really?” I questioned, not too convinced. “Yep!” Dr. Roscoe quickly changed the subject, as he lightly pushed me down the hall. “What do you say we go get you dinner? Hmmmm?” a wide smile plastered across his face. I decided to drop the questions, I figured he wasn’t going to give me the full truth. Dr. Roscoe escorted me back to my room with a plate of food. “Here we are. Nighty night Flynn. Don’t forget to call me if you need anything.” He gestured to the phone hanging on the wall. He smiled and slowly closed the door, waving. “Goodnight…” I said as he gently shut the door, locking it up. It was the same routine, and the same spiel every night. I sighed and sat on my bed gnawing on a piece of ham.

Fast forward a few years, i'm 18, and I've sprouted up quite a bit. I'm reaching the 9ft range in height. Dr. Roscoe has to look up at me now. I'm still curious about my real parents but I've become less eager to learn the truth. Dr. Roscoe has taken care of me all these years, so, even though it would be awkward to call him my father, he's been more of a father to me than anyone else in my life. I thank him for that, even though he hasn't always been honest with me. I heard a knock on the door, and I presumed it was Dr. Roscoe. I swung open the door, and yes, Dr. Roscoe was there, but a few other men were too. They didn't look very nice. "Who are they?" I said, pointing to the men positioned next to Dr. Roscoe. "Gahhhh, I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you in advance Flynn...these men are here to give you a checkup. A uh, special checkup..." I didn't like the sound of the nervousness in his voice "Alright..."

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