Raymonds family reuinion

I had been living in my “business partners” hotel for some time, doing many jobs there off and on for some cash. When I noticed a knock at the door. Outside was a mailman awaiting someone to come out. Nobody was around, or at least heard, so I figured I would go. “Hello?” I said with a toothy grin looking down at the mailman. He instantly looked frightened and quickly handed me a letter. It’s for Raymond, give it to him. The mailman quickly ran away, and I stepped back inside letter in hand. I thought to myself wondering who would possibly be writing to me. But as I inspected the letter further, Instantly recognized the handwriting. It was a letter from my grandpa, which I assumed was another invitation to my family’s yearly reunion. Usually I didn’t go nowadays, for I feared that if I did, maybe my father would be there.

I was about to toss the letter in the trash when my “business partner” Gin stopped me. “What’s that letter ya got ray?” Gin gently took the letter from my hand and examined it. “Family reunion eh? Why were ya goin to throw it away?” He asked confusedly. “Well usually I don’t go” I replied. “Why not? You should go see your family.” He insisted. “Come with me then.” I teased bumping him on the chest with my elbow. “Are you sure?” He questioned. “Positive, plus it’d be more fun if you came with me” I grinned wide from ear to ear showcasing my impressive row of teeth. “Alright…when should we get going?” Gin said. “How about now” I announced, grabbing him by the arm. “But wait what about the hotel?” Gin hesitated, “Charco’ll handle it, don’t worry” I responded. “Plus we won’t be gone the whole day” I added grinning wide.

I hopped into my car and looked over at Gin in the passengers seat smiling. “Alright, let’s go” I continued to grin, starting up the car, making our way to the reunion. “So, is your family nice?” Gin asked trying to strike up a small conversation. “Yeah, especially my grandpa, despite him being the devil’ n all you’d expect him to be a lot scarier, considering the whole image the underworld business gives him.” I stared a gin concerned, he seemed to be a bit choked up when I mentioned “The Devil”. “What’s wrong ginny? Are you just nervous to meet my family? You’re adorable” I laughed hard grinning once more.

“Yeah, that’s all” Gin hesitantly replied. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle everything, so if you really don’t want to you don’t have to talk to anyone.” I continued grinning, combing my fingers through his hair. He seemed a bit more relived, so I sighed continuing forward. “You shouldn’t be so worried, they’ll love you, and even if they don’t, I still will. If it doesn’t go well we don’t even have to come back again” Gin sunk down In his seat, “thanks Ray, I feel a bit better now.” Gin smiled a bit. “No problem” I smiled leaning over quickly, pecking him on the forehead, continuing to drive.

“So it shouldn’t take us much longer to get there.” I grinned. “Alright” Gin replied, still seeming a bit tense. “What’s wrong gin? Are you really that scared to meet my family? We don’t have to go…” Gin interrupted me “Ah! No ray it’s okay, really, stop worrying so much” Gin put on a nervous smile. “If you say so…” I continued driving until we reached a trench. “Ray, what’re you doing?” Gin questioned, suddenly seeming a bit concerned. “Driving over the cliff, into the trench” I replied. “Hu-“ I cut him off and I grinned as the car plummeted to almost certain death, when we safely landed at the bottom. In front of us lay a large castle, the meeting place for this very reunion. Gin caught his breath “S-SO..this is it right?” He questioned, a bit shook from the landing. “Yes it is.” I grinned wide once more exiting the car, and opening the door on Gin’s side to let him out. He stood up and stumbled a bit. I took his arm “You alright? I know the landing definitely takes some getting used to, eheehe…” I grinned even wider amused by his first time reaction.

“Well, let’s go!” I grabbed his hand and lead him up to the entrance of the large castle. He stuck by my side and followed behind as we walked. When we passed through the door, countless numbers of my relatives flocked around me. “Raymond!” They shouted excitedly, giving me hugs. The next to approach was my grandpa, he pulled me out of bundle of family I was in and he grinned. “Ah, Raymond you came! How wonderful, I was starting to worry…” He grinned, “Don’t worry I’m fine. How about you?” I questioned giving him a hug. “Good…I was-”He was about to continue but stopped when he looked down and saw Gin. He set me to the side “Tonic?? What in earth’s name are you doing here?!?” He questioned seeming a bit aggravated. “Well Sir, I uh-“ I cut him off “He’s my boyfriend” I grinned grabbing Gin’s arm. “Oh…that’s nice…” he replied with a stifled smile. Soon after saying that I was swallowed up by a crowd of family once more. I couldn’t really tell what they were doing, but they were going somewhere.

Devil Pov lols: I pulled Gin Into a hall some ways away. “Tonic, if Raymond didn’t look so happy around you, you’d be dead. He’s been so dear to me ever since he was child, more of a son than grandson really. But I swear, that if you hurt him in any way, you won’t be getting anymore chances…got it?” Gin stared at me frightened, “Yes, sir” He choked. “Good…now now, come on don’t keep him waiting..” I pushed him up to Raymond. “You two have fun now. Bye” I smiled waving bye to Raymond as he did so in return.

Gin POV: “Ah you’re back Ginny!” Ray said ecstatically gently kissing me on the cheek. We shared a smile as bundles of his family stared at us “You’re adorable together” one said. “So, tell us, how’d you two lovebirds meet?” Another asked. Raymond cleared his throat to tell the story of how he met me. “Well, I needed some cash you know, so for that I was thinking “I should get a job.” And so I started looking for one. I had a lot of trouble getting a job until I found a huge city, I didn’t have much luck there until I found advertisements on the front of a hotel, saying that they were hiring. So I walked in and applied. That’s where I first had actually met Gin. I did see him once before, when I was summoned, but I had no idea it was the same place till later.” Raymond smiled and put his arm around me “He instantly intrigued me, and here we are now”. “Ah, that’s sweet” One of his family members said smiling.

We talked for a bit longer until I noticed someone walking over to us. I assumed it was one of Rays younger cousins “Ahh Waygetter!” Ray ran over to them and picked them up giving them a hug. “Heeey raymond!” They replied hugging him in return. “So how’re you dude? It’s been while. How old are you now? 9??” Raymond asked looking a bit confused. “22” They replied trying to imitate Rays grin. “Ahhh! You’re old now!” Ray yelled “Not as old as you” Waygetter replied, punching Ray in the arm lightly. Ray set them down “I’m not old….only 30!” Ray replied, obviously a bit angry even though they were joking.

To be continued maybe???