Alternate Smileverses

Deep within the existence of the Smileverse,

there are alternate universes. Worlds which are only attainable through dreams,

or mirrors.


These universes contain all your original characters. Smile, Dwight, Chester, Raymond, etc. Except Rox, he isn’t there because he only exists in one universe, which is the original Smileverse you all know. Rox has known about the alternate universes long before everyone else, that may be why he isn’t around often.

Mirror Smileverse:

The Mirror Smileverse is a universe where the characters have a much different personality than they had originally. This universe can ONLY be reached by mirrors. Elements in the lore change with this universe as well. Instead of Chester being abandoned by his father, he runs away, and is found by the mirror versions of Smile and Dwight. Raymond is no longer half demon, but instead half angel, Raymond is no longer a cannibal but a vegan. And he works at an animal shelter instead of a murder hotel. Mirror Smile always carries a smile on his face, instead of his typical frown.

Genderswap Smileverse

This universe is the same as your regular Smileverse except the sexes of the characters are switched. Smile or Edgewood is now named Edalyn, And Dwight is now named Diane.

Chevere Smileverse

In this Universe lots of your main cast are now woodland creatures. Chester was saved from hunters by dwight. Smile is a lumberjack who lives isolated in the woods. Dwight is more true to his Chupacabra form.

Halloween Smileverse

In this universe you have your typical Smileverse cast but all except dwight are classic Halloween monsters. Smile is a Vampire, Chester is a Wherewolf, and Aslen is half bat. Eventually in this universe Smile bites Dwight turning him into a vampire also.