Raymond Finners lore

WARNING: This contains topics like abuse,

and some pretty descriptive murder attempts.

If you're sensitive to these topics, id suggest clicking away.

I slumped out of bed, my whole body aching. Cuts and sores riddled up and down me. This was the doing of my father Dutch. He was not fond of me in the slightest, I was nothing but an utter disappointment. Mother did nothing but watch the pain I endured, I wouldn't blame her, father was quite scary. Father belived I must be only prim and perfect, if not I would get a talking to, maybe even a beating. Father didn't take kindly to attitude or slip ups, especially from me. He was never easily impressed, taking the chance whenever available to correct my actions. He claims it's only for my benefit, even so, I can only feel as if though it's not getting me to accomplish anything.

I could hear him begin to yell my name, making my head ache. I held my hand against my head rushing downstairs, I'd surely be in even bigger trouble for taking a long time. "Yes Father" I said in between a few long breaths. He stared at me the way he always did when dissatisfied. He looked down at me with a sour expression. "Raymond, do you know why I'm upset?" He said grabbing my face. His expression deepened into a frown. "N-....." I hesitantly thought about my next choice of words. "Well, do you?!" He replied impatiently awaiting my answer. "No Father, I do not." I choked out my words assuring myself he'd be angry. "I'm sorry, my deepest apologies Father" I said spiting out my words, "I do hope you can forgive me." Tears built up in my eyes, I bit my lip holding them back. "Please do forgive me!" I said pleading, barely holding myself together. He looked down at me in disgust, "Compose yourself boy!" He yelled slapping me across the face. "Keep yourself together! This erratic behavior is unacceptable, do not cry! You are no baby anymore!" He continued to yell at me shaking me back and forth. I saw Mother out of the corner of my eye, she was about to come in but backed away as soon as she saw us. "You've wasted my time. Now you made me forget what I was upset for. Go. Leave. Out of my sight this instant! I'll talk to you later. " Father yelled as I ran up stairs to my room. Tears flowing down my face.

Usually Father worked in his study, I didn't know what his occupation was but I figured it was nothing good. He usually came home with a devilish grin something you could only ever see produced after being up to something nefarious. He came home dressed in a certain stench, something that haunted me..For it was the smell of blood, and maybe even...death? I never questioned him about it, for I feared that if I did, something bad could happen. I just decided to leave it alone, he wouldn't tell me about it anyways, he never told me anything.

Tomorrow was a school day, if it were up to me I'd love to stay home, but Father would never allow me an absence. This was because let me just say, I wasn't terribly popular. People thought I was a freak, mostly because of my appearance. I was abnormally tall for my age, naturally dark green hair, and sharp canine like teeth. I never talked to anyone, just stared. Sometimes I'd visit the lake after school, but I never got to go there much, Father had a strict curfew. On the occasions when Father happened to be out at work, I'd practice my guitar, and piano. It helped distract myself from the stresses caused by my Father. It was my only hobby.

(THE NEXT DAY) As I walked to my locker I could see the very boy I aimed to talk to. He was about 5'9", with short black hair. I thought he was a cutest thing, and I was about to introduce myself when I saw a girl walk up to him. I watched in disgust as he kissed the girls cheek. He already had a girlfriend..

I scrunched up my face to hold back tears and shoved my belongings in my locker, storming out of school. I ran as far as I could, I didn't care that people watched me as I ran, I didn't care. Nothing mattered. I couldn't have anything good. I stopped when I got to a clearing in a wooded area. I had no idea where I was, but I collapsed on the grass and sobbed, yelling to myself.

Then I thought something, something purely evil. I surprised myself. It was disgusting. I had thought of killing the boys girlfriend..... I pressed my hands against my face and grinned. It's didn't matter anymore. If nobody was going to give me what I wanted, I'd take it.I grinned wide and laughed. Murder. It didn't sound so bad...

Over the past week I had been visiting the boys home, watching as he slept peacefully, sometimes I'd look at him closely for hours. I usually watched his home life, and what his girlfriend did. What I had noticed is that his girlfriend wasn't terribly kind...It made my desire to blow her brains out even stronger.

After about a month of continuing my everyday observations I decided the day to strike and to be soon. I decided I'd get it over with today, and planned to attack they boys girlfriend in her sleep.

The time I had come, the boys girlfriend was sleeping peacefully, I crept over her as I listened to the slow pitter patter of her heart. I grinned, soon there would be nothing to hear. I positioned my hands around her neck, and stuffed a napkin in her mouth so no one would hear her scream. She awoke flailing around in desperation, I squeezed her throat tight pushing her against the headboard of her bed. “Stop that!” I whispered. After a minute she gave in and her heart stopped. I checked her pulse. Nothing. She was dead. I had killed someone.

I picked up her body and opened the window sliding outside, and climbed to the ground. Out front of her house I had placed a large trash bag which I stuffed her inside of. Once that was finished I carried her to the lake, throwing her in, watching happily as she sank to the bottom.

It appeared to be morning and light filtered through his blinds. He sat up slowly and rubbed his eyes blinking a few times, and then screamed looking at me in horror. “GAH! WHO ARE YOU!?WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE?!” He yelled jumping up to the edge of his bed presumably trying to distance himself from me.

“Calm down” I said laughing “HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE…how did you even get in here..?” He asked continuing to yell confusedly. “Okay, basically I’ll sum it up for you, I, yes I, killed your good for nothing excuse of a lover. After all I personally think I’d me MUCH, better than her. Anyways I came here to let you know I guess…And express my love for you of course.” I announced inching my face close to his. He stared at me blankly, trying to comprehend what I said.

“You..? Killed my girlfriend…?” He started to look upset “Please tell me this is some fucked up joke…right?” His face contorted into a frown. “Why would I lie? After all she was no good anyways.” I replied seeming a bit surprised he cared that much. “You’re joking..” he said once more. “No, I’m not.” I replied. He walked to his girlfriends house, knocking on the door, but there was only an answer from his girlfriends parents, saying that they didn’t know where she was. Somehow he had refused to believe it was nothing other than a joke. Until it all started to add up.

“Well….shit….you really did, did you?” He asked looking as if though he were going to break into tears “Ah, I sure did, awesome right?” I said grinning. “NO ITS NOT YOU FREAK! YOU FUCKING KILLED HER!” he yelled at me angrily. “Hey…uh. Calm down! I didn’t know she meant that much..” I tried to place my hand on his shoulder but he slapped me across the face “GO AWAY YOU MONSTER!” He continued yelling as I sat there in shock. I don’t know what caused me to become so angry, but I grabbed tightly onto his shoulders, sinking my teeth into his head. He screamed while I did so, and his parents ran in witnessing the whole thing.

Soon after I confessed guilty for the whole thing. I really had nothing to live for. I was incarcerated. And was left to rot in jail for months and months. My father fully aware. He just didn’t care quite enough to bail me out. I could feel that someone was going to come for me. I don’t know how, I just could.

RAYMONDS LORE: End. (I could eventually add more...)