Extras. The first extra was used as inspiration for the smileverses first comic chapter.

I was crusing along the highway minding my own business with a car I had stolen from smile. He was out with Dwight at the time so I thought why not? I was bored anyways. Chester had wanted to come with though I didn't want to bring him how could I say no? He'd just get upset if I didn't take him with me. Chester sat in the passengers seat his face barely reaching above the dashboard. "so where're we headed?" He questioned. "somewhere cool, haven't figured it out yet." I replied. Then I heard my phone start to ring, it was smile. I guess he'd figure we were at home so I didn't pick up. "Whazzat?" Chester asked. "Uh, smile." I choked, wishing Chester didnt want to talk to him, but as feared he did. "Don't hang up!" Chester sat up and grabbed my phone answering the incoming call from smile. "Hi dad!" Chester announced picking up the call. "Hm? Chester, where's Rox?" Smile said seeming a bit confused. "Oh right next to me!" Chester stated. "Oh alright, me and Dwight shouldn't be back for a bit longer but have fun. I was just checking in." Dwight took the phone from smile "Hey kiddo watcha up too?" Dwight asked "Nothing much we're just-" Chester was about to mention they were on the road but Rox intervened. "Ahhh oh my gosh-vhahahsvsh-I think there's-chhskh-bad connection or some-chdheueh-okay bye."

Rox panicked hanging up the call. "CHESTER! They can't know I'm driving...I don't have a license-" Rox yelled. "Oh. ROX WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS THEN!? WE'RE GONNA GET IN TROUBLE!!" Chester screamed. As they fought back and forth Rox started to glide into the wrong lane. Chester jumped up in his seat "TRUCK TRUCK TRUCK" Rox slammed the brakes causing both their car and the truck to swerve in opposite directions. "are you alright Chester?!" Rox asked. "I think I'm alrigh-" Chesters words were interrupted by the sound of police sirens. "no no no NO NO, GAH SHIT!" Rox blurted starting up the car again. "Hey uh sorry Chester but we gotta hurry" Rox stressed driving off. Rox managed to get away before the police went after him. Rox decided to stop at a bar because why not? Him and Chester walked in getting lots of odd stares. Rox walked up to the bar. "one beer please" he said smugly. "eh kid, do you want apple juice instead?" He bartender replied. "ah-" Rox paused a bit disappointed it didn't work "sure" he said sadly. As Rox and Chester sipped their apple juice they noticed that the door to the bar started to open revealing, "RAYMOND?!" Chester yelled squeezing his apple juice box. Raymond glared at them confusedly-"huh..?" Everyone in the bar glared at Raymond, he had quite the bad reputation.

Raymond walked up to the bar sitting himself next to Chester and Rox. "why in the hell are you two kids here..shouldn't you like be-playing with blocks or something." He pointed to Rox "plus aren't you like...uh..9?" His finger shifted to point towards Chester "and aren't you like 5..?" long story short Rox was caught driving without a license so him and Chester were sent to jail but dw smile bailed them out. I'm too lazy to finish LMFAOOO

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