Chesters lore

WARNING: This contains very serious topics such as abuse.

If you aren't comfortable reading about these subjects,

i'd suggest clicking away.

I was walking around my house cautious of who could be around, that who was my dad. My dad wasn’t very fond of me, and he didn’t pay much attention. My momma was who talked to me the most. She was like my best friend, my only friend. She had long golden hair that flowed down to her shoulders and a great smile. I love my momma, but her and dad fight, usually making momma get hurt. Momma doesn’t think I know this, but dad didn’t want me. I can tell.I even know.he told me himself.
When momma is away dad gets real mean to me, meaner than usual, momma keeps him away. But when she can’t he gets me. He usually gives me lots of chores, and if I don’t finish, he gets real mad. Sometimes he hits me, but he says I can’t tell momma, if i do, it’ll be worse, much worse, that’s what he always says.
When Momma comes home, he gives her stuff to do too, lots of stuff just like me. It’s not fair he never helps; and he just doesn’t do much of anything. He’d be in trouble if he didn’t have us to help him.
Dad keeps saying that he’ll throw me out. I’ve been running behind on chores. I’m no good, that’s what he always says. Momma is getting fed up with him, but he won’t let her leave him.
I was sleeping and got up, panicking when I realized that it was 12:00pm. I could hear dad downstairs starting to yell “CHESTER!” I couldn’t take it anymore I hated being relied on for work that he could be doing himself. I ran downstairs and he looked angry real angry, in his hands was a box, one that you’d keep a pet in. He picked me up by the back of my shirt and stuffed me inside, I tried to fight back but I was too weak.
“Chester I'm getting rid of you for once!” Dad yelled, taking the box, and getting in his car driving down the road. Once we had gotten far, maybe 30-45 minutes later he threw the box on the side of the highway and drove off. I yelled for him to come back but he didn’t listen. I was left by myself, all alone, 6 and a half years old.